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Originally from Manila in the Philippines, I have been living in Las Vegas for over 30 years now.  

In those 30 years, I was a business owner of my own band, most recently called JAMM, and we performed all over Vegas and the world until it ended on March 14, 2020, the last performance date at the Paris Hotel & Casino when all our gigs were cancelled due to Covid - 19.   Like everyone else around the world, we were caught completely off guard.  Needless to say, I had to find another way to make money and stay creative because LIVE music was non-existent.  Outside of music I was building a travel club business.  Which I absolutely loved!  But, of course,

Covid -19 took that out at the same time.  

As an avid golfer, any chance I get, you will see me and my buddies out on the golf course!  But then, my left shoulder started to really hurt daily and it became so painful I ended up having to have an orthoscopic surgery March 2021 and just now starting to get back to playing.

Feeling more blessed than ever is an understatement!

I found this company that not only has the travel deals I became accustomed too through my past travel club, but they also offer the most incredible, Sport certified health and wellness line.

My aches and pains are less with taking our nutrition line without killing my liver and kidneys like the ibuprofen I use to use on a daily basis.  I didn't want to take it, but I was in pain.  Now with the LIFE BY SEACRET products, I no longer worry about doing permanent damage to my organs.  At my age, that's a BIG DEAL!  And these products WORK!

​There's also, a high end skin care line all infused and created from the minerals of the Dead Sea.  My skin has never looked so smooth and felt so soft, I didn't realize how important this was until I got older.


And, of course, my travel deals are back too!  I promise you, we have better prices than anywhere else on the internet!




I can't wait to start traveling on vacation again!  We just booked our first one to Hawaii in August/September!  If you're like me, you can't wait to get back out feeling somewhat normal again!

And to add even more value to all of this is to be able to build a residual income from the comfort of my own home.  I never want to be in the position again where if something happens like another pandemic, that my entire lively hood is ripped out from underneath me!  MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME is something, I believe, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE!

I hope you see the value in what I am sharing with you as much as I do and come on this journey with me.  Let's be partners and help each other not only feel better, look better and travel the world but create another steady income we can do on our own terms all while helping others do the same!

This doesn't mean I stopped singing, but I decided I no longer want to perform in the lounges anymore.  The older I get the more precious time is and I will now pick and choose where and when I sing.  And this is partially due to being able to financially make that decision because of the additional income I make from building my Seacret business!  What a great feeling of freedom that is!

So to help not only build my business from home, but also keep enjoying singing the songs I want to do, I've been doing an online Facebook Live Stream on Sunday nights at 7pm (PST).  I hope you can join me there if you want to have some fun and maybe hear one of your favorites songs you enjoy.  I take requests, so feel free to let me know what you want to hear!

Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope to see you on the beaches of the world!



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